Professional Lodging, Daycare and
Spa Services for your precious pet.

Staffed 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Located in Leesburg next to Home Depot.
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Our Staff

Pet Lodge and Spa is proudly owned and operated by Bill & Sandy Metcalf, owners of 2 young and rambunctious Labrador Retrievers.  Bill & Sandy have had several dogs over decades of marriage and many corporate moves.  They have always doted on each and every dog, often making costly investments for fences, beds, training, and veterinary care.  They insist that the care given dogs while at Pet Lodge & Spa meet the standards they use for their pets.

Each employee is carefully screened before being interviewed.  Once interviewed, they are invited to participate in working interviews.  They go through two interviews of four hours each; one during the AM shift and one during the PM shift.  It is during these working interviews that each prospective employee is evaluated for the way they handle the pets at Pet Lodge and how much they pay attention to details.  They are evaluated while handling pets, feeding pets, giving medications, and on their professionalism.  It is through this interview process that we have assembled a team with decades of veterinary experience, kennel management experience, as well as hands on training, breeding and showing of dogs. 

The Reception Desk employees actually work in operations as well.  They have been selected to work at the reception desk because they provide the utmost in customer service and because they know the pets checking in and out; therefore they are able to provide details on each pet’s stay with us. 

When you stop in, ask about any of the Pet Lodge employees about their background and what they like about working at Pet Lodge.  Their love for animals shines through each and every day.

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