View the Park on our webcams, labeled Play Park East and Play Park West!

While we have always had an outdoor area at our facility, we have recently renovated and improved it to provide a new park-style play area for your pups!

Outdoor Schedule:

  • 6AM-7AM - each group wakes up and go outside for first potty break of the day, then come back indoors for breakfast
  • 7:30AM-8:30AM - each group goes outside to potty after breakfast
  • 9AM-11AM - medium and large dogs go outside for playtime with a full body rubdown
  • 12PM-1:30PM - small dogs go outside for playtime and potty break after lunch with a full body rubdown
  • 2PM-4PM - medium and large dogs go outside for playtime and potty break after lunch with a full body rubdown
  • 4PM-5PM - small dogs go outside for playtime and potty break before dinner with a full body rubdown
  • 6PM-8PM - each group goes outside for a potty break after dinner
  • 9PM-10PM - each group goes out for a last potty break before bedtime by 10PM

Each group of dogs (by size) gets AT LEAST 5 outings every day, starting with wake-up at 6AM, and ending with bedtime at 9PM. 

The features for the park include:

  • Plenty of shading
  • Constant security
  • Safety from predators (for the little pups)
  • Well ventilated with continuous air flow
  • Astroturf to keep us flea & tick free
  • "Playmasters" (trained attendants) outdoors interacting with the dogs at all times
  • A controlled play environment
  • Differs from a dog park in several (but better!) ways
  • Variety of daily stimulating activities
  • ​2 full body rubdowns (with lavender/aloe shampoo soaked rags) per day

In Leesburg next to Home Depot. Come in for a tour anytime between 7AM-7PM.

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