View the Park on our webcams, labeled Play Park East and Play Park West!

Each group of dogs (by size) gets AT LEAST 5 outings every day, starting with wake-up at 6AM, and ending with bedtime at 9PM. 

In Leesburg next to Home Depot. Schedule a tour anytime between 9AM-11AM or 1PM-3PM.


Call us at 352-253-0059


While we have always had an outdoor area at our facility, we have recently renovated and improved it to provide a new park-style play area for your pups!

Outdoor Schedule:

  • 6AM-7AM - each group wakes up and go outside for first potty break of the day, then come back indoors for breakfast
  • 7:30AM-8:30AM - each group goes outside to potty after breakfast
  • 9AM-11AM - medium and large dogs go outside for playtime with a full body rubdown, followed by the smalls between 11AM & Noon
  • 12PM-1:00PM - All dogs go to their lodges for rest and lunch, if requested.
  • 1PM-4PM - medium and large dogs go outside for playtime and potty break after lunch with a full body rubdown.
  • 4PM-5PM - small dogs go outside for playtime and potty break before dinner with a full body rubdown
  • 6PM-7PM - each group goes outside for a potty break after dinner
  • 9PM-10PM - each group goes out for a last potty break before bedtime by 10PM

The features for the park include:

  • Plenty of shading
  • Constant security
  • Safety from predators (for the little pups)
  • Well ventilated with continuous air flow
  • New Doggy PLAYGROUND!
  • A Doggy pool to cool off in!
  • "Playmasters" (trained attendants) outdoors interacting with the dogs at all times
  • A controlled play environment
  • Differs from a dog park in several (but better!) ways
  • Variety of daily stimulating activities​